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Getting to know Canada Post

Canada Post is known legally as the Canada Post Corporation (in English) or the Socit canadienne des postes (in French). Canada Post, or the Canada Post Corporation, is one of crown corporations (enterprises under the ownership of the government) in Canada, functioning as the primary postal operator in the country. Founded in 1867, Canada Post was known as the Post Office Department up until the 1960s, although the department officially kept its name until October 1981.

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Canada Post Corporation

The Canada Post Corporation, or simply the Canada Post, is the primary postal service operator of the country. It is a crown corporation which means it is owned by the Federal government of Canada. It was originally founded in 1867 as the Post Office Department.

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All About Canada Post

Canada Post is Canadas primary operator in terms of postal service. They have been providing excellent service to their clients both local and foreign. This postal service company first came into being in 1867 where it was referred to as the Post Office Department.

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Delivering Since 1867

As Canada's primary postal operator, The Canada Post Corporation makes for a workforce that ensures that all things that have been sent out for delivery through post would reach its destination at its intended time. Operating every day to deliver 45 million items to 14.85 million addresses every day, it is one of the most formidable companies that function to meticulously see through the appropriating of items from their senders to their designated receivers.

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Canada Post: The Pride of Canada

One of the most popular institutions in Canada is the Canada Post, also known as the Canada Post Corporation. This is the country's principle postal institution. The company was originally the Post Office Department of the Government of Canada and was founded in 1867.

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